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Project Firstline

Infection control saves lives, and frontline healthcare workers play a critical role. Project Firstline provides innovative and accessible infection control education for all frontline healthcare workers– so they can protect their patients, their coworkers and themselves from infectious disease threats in health care.

What Makes Project Firstline Unique?

  • Resources are developed with healthcare workers, specifically for healthcare workers
  • Content is accessible to all healthcare workers, regardless of previous training or background knowledge
  • Bite-sized content is tailored for practice and on-the-go use and is designed to be integrated into the workday
  • Taps into intrinsic work-related motivations
  • Leverages existing strengths and knowledge sources
  • Teaches the “why” behind infection control recommendations as much as the “what” and “how”
  • Educational resources and dissemination methods are tailored for the diverse healthcare workforce, including translations for those who speak Spanish and multiple Asian languages

Initiative Resources

Infection Control

Learn the “how” and the “why” behind infection control in healthcare settings

Educational Materials

Access educational materials and training resources in a variety of formats

COVID-19 Information

Learn about specific infection control measures to protect against COVID-19

About the Initiative

Project Firstline offers educational resources in a variety of formats to meet the diverse learning needs and preferences of the healthcare workforce. Resources are designed to empower and enable healthcare workers to think critically about infection control, using adult learning principles, educational best practices, CDC recommendations, and the science that informs them.

Multimedia Resources